When Storms Strike, Turn to Fortis

In the wake of a destructive storm, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Hail damage, wind damage, voided warranties, insurance claims – the list can feel endless.

With so many things to accomplish, finding the right partners can be overwhelming, particularly when the phone’s ringing off the hook with opportunistic contractors.

Fortunately, Fortis is here to help guide you through the process of getting your roof back up to speed following a storm, often leaving your situation better than it was prior to Mother Nature wreaking havoc.

Who Can Fortis Help?

If you’ve been the victim of a storm event, regardless of the extent of the damage, Fortis can help you find an ideal solution.

Maybe you had a warrantied roof, but that warranty was voided by the damage. Maybe your roof was performing, but you didn’t have a warranty, leaving you high and dry now that the worst has come to pass.

Replacement is often billed as the only option for storm-damaged roofs if you’re looking for a long-term guarantee, but that shouldn’t be the case. Replacing a roof typically comes along with filing a claim, footing the bill for a large deductible or relying on a self-insured, high-cost solution.

With Fortis, you’ll receive a Fortis Roof Risk Assessment and a commitment to utilizing reconditioning whenever possible, which comes in at more than 60% less than the cost of an average replacement.

The Benefits of a Fortis Solution

Fortis works with building owners and insurance companies to find the fastest, most cost-effective solution, getting business back on track cheaper and faster.

With our reconditioning solutions, we often offer a long-term warranty that’s cost-effective, more comprehensive than traditional warranties and less restrictive than the original manufacturer’s warranty.

If replacement is truly the only option, we can help you save 20-30% with our New Roof Warranty program, putting more money in your pocket.

By working with insurance companies, we’re also able to save them money protect their customers from large claims and react faster after a storm event instead of engaging in a lengthy claims process.

Fortis offers solutions for all types of traditional low-slope roofs, and we’ve even developed a patented solution for reconditioning process for steep-slope roofs after they’ve suffered hail damage.

Turning to Fortis

When storms come calling, the answer is clear – Fortis can provide a long-term solution that’s both cost-effective and comes alongside a warranty that’s often better than the roof’s original guarantee.

Fortis saves you from the difficult choice of emptying the piggy bank for a replacement or taking no action at all, an extremely high-risk choice, leveraging our unique solutions to get you back in business faster.

To learn more about how Fortis can help you, visit fortiswarranty.com/contact-three/.

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