The Fortis Commercial Roof Warranty, Backed by Lloyd’s of London, Delivers a Better Solution for Extended Roof Life

The roof of your commercial building is an essential asset; it’s also an expensive one. You expect the quality to last and any issues to be remedied quickly. Unfortunately, when roof damage is found, a less scrupulous contractor may exaggerate the roof’s state in an attempt to persuade a building owner to splurge on a total replacement. In fact, 80% of roofs are replaced prematurely each year, and the removed materials are then transferred to already overburdened landfills.

However, if you defer replacement and focus on extending the serviceable life of your existing roof through the Fortis process, backed by the best warranty/guarantee in the business, you’ll not only save money and have total peace of mind but also reduce the amount of toxic roofing material being unnecessarily discarded—a much greener, more economical alternative. 

The Fortis Difference

Commercial roof owners believe in guarantees: guaranteed performance of repairs, long-range asset management, deferred budget spending and transferrable solutions that deliver higher value for the property. When damage or other integrity issues arise, traditional roofing experts are often conflicted when it comes to helping a building owner extend the life of a roof and often try to take advantage of the situation.  After all, contractors make their money on selling labor hours, roofing consultants are driven by other factors such as generating billable hours for design and construction management, and roofing material manufacturers benefit the most from the sale of new, costly materials, with lots of components and accessories that include warranties that are often voided before expiration.  And many of the warranty claims submitted to these roofing manufacturers are typically denied anyway (upwards of 40% according to industry information). Somewhat self-serving, none of these players have any long-term investment in seeing your roof last as long as it is capable.

Fortis Warranty is different. We are the only roofing entity that delivers on detailed reconditioning and the performance guarantees commercial roof owners expect. We offer the least restrictive and most comprehensive warranty in the industry with a denial rate of less than 1%. 

A Closer Look: Fortis Warranty vs. The Industry Standard

Our warranty offers more value and convenience than a typical manufacturer’s warranty. One of the key differentiators is that we have a vested interest in extending the life of your existing roof, always putting the customer’s ROI first. We also have over 15 years of providing NDL (no dollar limit) guarantees with over 2,700 warranties and over 120 million square feet under our protection.

We also have a proven, methodical and scientific underwriting process for analyzing roof systems including field inspections, non-destructive moisture testing, lab analysis of the roof membrane and providing proprietary and extensive reconditioning scopes of work that include a careful selection of materials to be used for reconditioning. And every detail is managed and certified by an onsite Fortis QA/QC inspector at no additional cost to the customer.

Through our solution center and tightly vetted and redundant strategic partner contractor network, Fortis responds to claims within 24 hours where traditionally you could wait up to two weeks or more. And our warranties include a performance guarantee Fortis also has the exclusive distinction of being the only warranty in the industry guaranteed by Lloyd’s of London.

Fortis Security Advantage

Savvy owners and executives know there’s inherent risk when dealing with expired or voided roof warranties, as well as costly roof replacements that are disruptive to occupants, employees, management, and neighboring buildings. Standard manufacturer’s warranties are written to protect them more than the customer.  You can end this cycle of risk and uncertainty with a Fortis Extended Warranty (EW). With the EW program, your roof can qualify for a warranted solution, with reconditioning and a performance guarantee, all for the just an average cost of a third of a total direct roof replacement price. You’ll enjoy upfront savings without any compromise in quality or reliability.

For the most inclusive New Roof Warranty in the industry, you can also rely on Fortis. Our comprehensive new roof warranties cover systems that incorporate a variety of materials from multiple manufacturers and save the customer upwards of 20% on material purchases alone.  Fortis’ combination of expertly selected materials along with stringent installation standards and onsite QA/QC oversight produce a roof system that will last for years.

Explore how we’ve enabled many commercial building owners to get the most out of their roofs by viewing our case studies.

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