The Advantages of Roof Reconditioning with a Guarantee Over New Roof Replacement

Building owners and managers know that a roof is usually the most expensive component of a commercial building envelope to replace. The process often is complex and inconvenient for everyone involved, it also carries a great deal of risk.  That’s why hearing that the roof has sprung a leak can fill any property owner with dread and annoyance. However, roofing problems don’t necessarily mean the roof needs to be replaced. In fact, a study by the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Assoc.) found that more than 80% of roofs get replaced prematurely. Scientific lab analysis of many weathered roofing materials shows that they are still capable of performing many years past manufacturer’s suggested life periods.  In many cases, roof performance can be extended 5 to 15 years longer, and in some cases even more. Reconditioning of an existing roof offers a more cost-effective, more risk-averse, and more suitable alternative than premature roof replacement, allowing owners to get the most out of their investment.  Traditionally owners haven’t engaged this solution due to its relatively higher cost when compared to a routine leak repair, surety about the quality of work being done, and has not come with a long-term guarantee…until now!

The Expense of a New Roof

There are a number of direct factors that will impact the total cost of roof replacement including: the type of roof, roof access, wind loads, interior occupancy, permits, building code requirements, and more. In addition, there are indirect costs such as time of year, interior protection, building tenant inconveniences, loss of productivity, oversight and management, and consequential damages that come with exposing a building to outside elements during construction and taking on a new roof design.  In short, new roofs are expensive and full of risk.

The Affordable Fortis Reconditioning and Guarantee/Warranty Alternative

Fortis is a specialty warranty company backed by Lloyds of London. We provide roof management expertise to extend the life of your roof while guaranteeing roof performance and saving owners money.  On average we save owners more than 70% compared to the direct costs of replacement. Instead of making a massive capital expenditure on a new roof, we provide extensive reconditioning to roofs to our unique and rigorous “Fortis Standards” and then provide a guarantee that goes far beyond even the best manufacturer’s warranty that new roofs receive. Fortis is not a manufacturer, we use only the best materials available in the market for reconditioning.  Fortis is not a contractor, we’ve developed a network of certified contractors in all 50 states who perform our reconditioning specifications to the highest standards. As a result, we have an impressive track record of leak-free results. But if a problem ever arises, we’ll make it right by responding within 24 hours at zero cost to building owners. While manufacturers’ warranties deny more than 40% of claims, we’ve denied less than 1%, allowing you peace of mind that Fortis Warranty will be there when you need us.

FORTIS WARRANTY: Fortis provides the ultimate in risk management and comprehensive roof reconditioning all backed up by a robust guarantee. Our solution is ideal for building owners, property managers, consultants, and portfolio managers looking to maximize roof performance. Simply put, Fortis extends roof life and saves you money. Visit us at to learn more about our proven solutions guaranteed to perform and save you money!

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