How the Fortis Standard Helps Us Serve You

At Fortis Warranty, we hold ourselves to an extremely high standard that makes us uniquely qualified to provide our customers with solutions that have industry-leading protection and value.

There are several components to the Fortis Standard that demonstrate our unmatched longevity in the market, extraordinary strength and security, high level of quality and dependability, strong relationships with our customers, and commitment to exceptional protection and growing with our high-performing team at Fortis.

Together, they provide our customers with the highest level of confidence in us and the solutions we provide.

Unmatched Longevity and Expertise

At Fortis, we have over 15 years of comprehensive roof-system analysis experience, and we’ve developed methodologies with a proven track record of success. Currently, we have more than 2,700 warranties in place in six countries with over 120 million square feet covered.

Extraordinary Strength and Security

We provide the industry’s only roof warranty guarantee insured by Lloyd’s of London, giving you peace of mind and confidence. Our underwriting process is also authorized by Lloyd’s, and we provide an extensive database of third party-tested materials, detailed, technology-led data collection, industry-first predictive loss algorithms and thorough risk review.

We Offer Unparalleled Value

Our average ROI is greater than 100%, and reconditioning solutions with a guarantee come in at less than a third of the price of a full roof replacement.

Our new roof solutions are typically 15-30% less than market rates, as well, and we save you thousands every year through service and warranty management.

We Give You Exceptional Protection

We offer the industry’s most comprehensive warranty, though it’s also the least restrictive. Our warranties are also easily transferrable in building transactions, helping make that process simple and efficient.

Lightning-Fast Response

Within 24 hours of your claim, you’ll hear from us. In many cases, we’ll be out on your roof within that same timeframe, ready to identify and solve your issue as quickly as possible.

You Can Expect the Highest Quality

We offer a proprietary and extensive material-selection process and reconditioning assemblies, as well as on-site Fortis Certified Quality Assurance/Control technicians trained on the Fortis Standard.

Our strategic contract partners are also meticulously selected and thoroughly vetted to ensure they go above and beyond our standards.

Industry-Leading Dependability

We boast a history of having less than 1% of claims denied, far and away better than the industry denial rate by manufacturers of more than 40%. We’ll be there when you need us most.

We’re Your Trusted Business Partner

When you call Fortis, we’re ready to be a true advocate for what’s best for you – we want to extend the life of your roof whenever possible rather than searching for reasons to replace it and cost you more money and time. Your return on investment always comes first.

We’re Committed to Having the Best Work for Us

At Fortis, we’ve made a commitment to hiring the best and brightest and training them to go above and beyond.

We want employees that are hungry, humble and smart, and we expect them to help us continually surpass your needs and propel growth.

Adding it All Up

When you choose Fortis, you get all these benefits and a committed, reliable partner.

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