Gaining an Edge in Commercial Property Transactions with Fortis

Demanding a significant investment of time, research, planning and, of course, money, buying or selling a commercial property can be complex, particularly when it comes to the roof.

As one of the biggest-ticket items of a commercial building, roofs are extremely expensive, intrusive and time-consuming to replace, making them an often-debated element of a commercial property transaction.

After all, the buyer is looking for the best deal, and the seller is looking for the most profit. Thus, to make an informed buying decision to or to ensure a sale proceeds smoothly, each party must know about the roof’s condition, its projected lifespan and any idiosyncrasies or other roof-related facts that will impact the property or sale overall.

Whether you’re the buyer or the seller, Fortis Warranty provides unparalleled roof expertise to deliver a solution that can provide that extra advantage during negotiations.

Fortis Expertise: Saving Roofs

When a commercial real estate transaction is at stake and a roof can make or break the deal, Fortis Warranty is there for both the buyer and seller. How?

First, Fortis performs a thorough, detailed assessment of the existing roofing system. Next, Fortis provides robust, extensive proprietary roof reconditioning using only the highest quality materials. Then, after certifying all the work that’s been performed, Fortis warranties the roof and guarantees its performance, going far beyond what traditional roof manufacturer warranties offer.

Best of all, Fortis offers its solution at only about a third of the cost of a roof replacement.

Fortis Expertise: Saving Deals

So, what does this mean for buyers and sellers? For buyers, you can negotiate every dollar possible for a roof replacement, then put more money in your pocket by purchasing a warranty solution from Fortis—backed by a performance guarantee—for far less than a new roof.

For sellers, the Fortis solution allows you to sell your building with a warranty that is not only transferrable and more comprehensive and less restrictive than typical manufacturer warranties, but is backed by Lloyds of London, creating a more attractive asset that helps you get top dollar for your building.

Extending both the life of a roof and guaranteeing its performance while saving both time and money, a Fortis roof warranty gives you that edge, ensuring a smoother, more profitable transaction regardless of whether you’re buying or selling.

Learn more about the Fortis Warranty process and gain that extra advantage when it comes to commercial property roof negotiations.

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