Fortis Easing Upfront Roofing Costs with 50/50 Financing Program

As the world eases into what’s likely to be a new normal and businesses begin to work toward business as usual, there will be a strain on employees, resources, budgets and more.

In particular, fewer people will be available to manage on-site projects, less money will be on hand for capital expenses, and project timelines for key roofing projects will need to be accelerated.

At Fortis Warranty, our goal is to help you continue to do business and meet these unprecedented challenges head on.

That’s why we’re offering a limited-time 50/50 financing plan aimed at reducing the initial burden of critical projects and helping you move forward now, not when capital returns to normal levels.

How the 50/50 Financing Offer Works

For a limited time, Fortis is leveraging a credit facility we’ve secured to finance 50% of your roof solution to reduce your upfront costs.

When you purchase a Fortis Warranty program, you’ll be obligated to pay just half of the price upon contract. You’ll also enjoy 12 months free from interest, putting even more money back in your pocket during these uncertain times.

Valid through June 30, 2020, this offer requires a minimum warranty solution size of $250,000 as a single building or aggregate portfolio but is good for amounts up to $15,000,000.

Our 50/50 financing offer is designed for one thing – to keep an inability from acting on roofing plans to result in a years-long struggle to recover.

Best of all, this offer is backed by Lloyd’s of London and the same Fortis Standard and commitment to service as every initiative we offer, allowing you to enjoy the most comprehensive and least restrictive warranties in the industry.

Fortis’s long-term warranty/guarantee solutions cost 60 to 70% less than traditional roof replacement and require less time and customer management, further boosting your efforts to remain lean and agile without sacrificing growth during this uncertain period.

Let our track record of more than 15 years of proven success, more than 3,000 satisfied customers, and more than 120 million square feet of roof covered serve you.

To learn more about Fortis’s limited-time 50/50 financing offer, visit to download a resource with the program’s full terms and conditions.

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