Don’t Lose Earmarked Capital! Five Ways Fortis Can Help You Finish Your Projects

As a business owner, building portfolio manager, or facility manager you’re probably aware of the various budgetary concerns that can pop up at the end of each year. And with the year’s end right around the corner, you may have a large roofing project that is pending and missing a crew due to the holiday-laden months. Additionally, depending on where your geographic location, the weather can present further obstacles. It can also be difficult to get materials quickly, and any demands that may arise are often more expensive at this time of year. You’re probably a bit nervous that your project won’t get completed. There is also the possibility that you’ll lose earmarked funds which you likely won’t receive again in future years. Short of hiring an inexperienced or underinsured contractor, or getting a B or C crew from your contractor of choice, what can you do?

Fortunately, Fortis Warranty is here to help, offering a superior alternative roofing solution that requires significantly less time and money. There’s virtually no risk, and you’ll be able to keep a major portion of your capital to put after other needs.

Here’s how we can help:

With our Extended Warranty solution, you’ll be able to benefit from the following:

  1. Eliminate Unnecessary Cost and Risk – Roof replacements are very costly, management intense, and are disruptive to the interior occupants and operations. Roof reconditioning eliminates the need to open roofs that can expose buildings (and budgets) to unnecessary risk.
  2. Achieve High-Quality Repairs Out of the Elements – High-quality roof reconditioning can be accomplished before, between or after harsh weather surges, ensuring roofs are prepared to meet whatever the elements throw their way.
  3. Guarantee a Roof Solution for the Long Term – While, on average, less than a 1/3 of the cost of a traditional roof replacement, Fortis’ EW solutions are not just band-aid fixes. They come with long-term warranties and guarantees that are more comprehensive and less restrictive than the original manufacturer’s roof warranty, translating to long-term solutions that provide complete peace of mind.
  4. End the Accounting Nightmare – Fortis’ EW solutions offer a unique opportunity to avoid the risk of losing extra capital in this year’s budget or violating accounting practices by paying one year for work that due to contractor, material or funding delays, cannot be performed until the following year.
  5. Avoid Unskilled Laborers – Contractors using B and C level crews and sub-contractors are focused on driving their own revenues, and their competence can be questionable, potentially leading to unnecessary and unwarranted repairs further down the road (not to mention the consequential damages that go along with them). We employ a large strategic partner network consisting only of highly-qualified, highly-skilled labor professionals meticulously and comprehensively vetted by Fortis.

An industry leader for more than 15 years, Fortis has the solution you need to get your job completed by year’s end. At Fortis, we pride ourselves on having great customer service, exceedingly eco-friendly roofing solutions, efficient response times, high quality reconditioning, and superior warranties that provide you with significant project cost savings across the board.

For quality, long lasting, and protected finished projects, choose Fortis.

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