Buying or Selling a Commercial Building: What’s the Roof Look Like?

Trying to buy or sell a commercial building is a challenge—buyers are looking for the best deal while sellers are aiming for the biggest profit. There are many factors to consider from both angles, but a major sticking point in building transactions is the roof. Without a warranty roofs are full of risk, are expensive to repair and replace, and often hindering deals. Fortis Warranty can help smooth out this much-contested element of a building transaction, putting money in the pocket of sellers and buyers both!

Don’t Let the Roof Break The Deal

The roof is a risky, expensive, and highly debated element of a commercial building transaction––it frequently can make or break deals.

A long-lasting new roof requires a detailed scope of work, high-quality materials, expensive equipment, and expert installation from a quality roofing company. This doesn’t even include large amounts of time required from building management to support the project and the long list of inconveniences to tenants that come with a construction project.  And, none of this is a guarantee that the new roof will perform.

Several studies have shown, and Fortis’ independent lab testing other past 15 years have confirmed, that nearly 80% of roofs that are recommended for replacement have lots of life left in them.  Fortis takes the risk out of extending the life of an existing roof system by providing a unique combination of detailed assessment, robust roof reconditioning, and an industry best warranty with performance guarantee to offer a solution that costs significantly less than a replacement and give buyers and sellers the greatest peace of mind.

Fortis Warranty Protects Buyers and Sellers 

Businesses trying to sell their real estate with an old roof without a warranty face the challenge of buyers expecting a lower price and considering the costs of roof repair or replacement in their offer. With Fortis, businesses can sell their real estate with a roof warranty with a performance guarantee instead, costing them significantly less time and money than installing a new roof—allowing sellers to keep their price firm while giving buyers a greater incentive to purchase.

Buyers can also take advantage of Fortis Warranty. When discussing roof costs, buyers can work with Fortis upfront to investigate a warranty solution.  Then, they can negotiate with the seller for a new roof, knowing that after the transaction, they can purchase a warranty solution from Fortis for far less than the price of a roof replacement—putting more money in the buyer’s pocket (upfront cash savings PLUS defferred cash savings) while alleviating any old-roof worries.

More Than Simple Roof Due Diligence Reports 

Traditional manufacturers’ warranties are designed to protect them––not the client. Fortis is a specialty warranty company backed by prestigious Lloyds of London, providing roof management expertise to extend the life of roofs while guaranteeing performance and saving money.

With an unparalleled track record of results, Fortis has developed a network of certified contractors in all 50 states who perform its reconditioning work to the Fortis standard. And while manufacturers’ warranties deny more than 40% of claims, Fortis’ warranty has fewer exclusions and more comprehensive coverage, and we’ve denied less than 1%. The Fortis Extended Warranty program provides extensive roof reconditioning using only the highest quality materials, provides an inspector to certify all work performed, and then warrants and guarantees the roof far beyond traditional manufacturer warranties.  The end result is a very effective and cost friendly solution that provides that provides the ultimate in peace of mind knowing Fortis Warranty will be there when you need us.

To learn how Fortis Warranty can make selling and buying commercial real estate advantageous for all parties, click here.

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