Archieve faster claim closeout

Find true solution security

Increase policyholder satisfaction

Reduce upfront, out-of-pocket, and ongoing costs

Eliminate supplement’s / change orders

Potentially will not have to file a claim or can be eligiblefor a no-deductible solution

Reduce or eliminate Local Adjustment Expenses (LAE)

Lower total loss experience resulting in lower future premium costs

Reduce commercial roof storm damage claims costs by 60%-70%

Less business disruption, faster claim process, and quicker solutions

Reconditioning extends the life of your roof and saves you money.

  • Substantial upfront savings as well as significant long-term financial benefit from deferred cash spending, extensive roof maintenance, and unplanned repairs
  • Scientific analysis of roof materials by independent national labs and tests for elasticity, elongation, tensile/tear strength, water vapor permeability, UV resistance and heat aging, and seam strength
  • A network of over 125 contractors covering 48 states and 6 countries. Each contractor is certified to meet Fortis’ stringent reconditioning standards and can go anywhere, anytime.

Are you facing a very expensive and unforeseen replacement expense in the wake of a storm? There are risks associated with a roof that has suffered damage from a severe weather event. But this doesn’t mean roof replacements are the easy solution, or even the right solution. Roof replacements are very costly, often not covered by insurance, and are disruptive to the interior occupants and operations. Typical manufacturer’s warranties are written in the best interests of a manufacturer, not the customer, and still leave the owner exposed to risk. It can seem like there are no affordable options for restoration.

Fortis Warranty Solutions Make a Clear Impact in the Wake of Storms

Traditional Roof Claims After a Severe Hail/Wind Storms

Fortis Lowers the # Claims, Lowers Claims Costs, and Provides Long Term Protection

Our process to gather data and underwrite the capabilities of the restored roof provides assurance to owners in the validity of the Fortis solution.