Roof Talks: In the Aftermath of a Storm, Roof Replacement isn’t Your Only Option

Be it a hurricane or hail gale, large storm systems can wreak havoc on roofs. In states where storms are an annual expectation, like Florida and Louisiana, yearly roof-replacement is simply not in the budget. But Dave Schupmann, senior vice president of sales & marketing at Fortis Warranty, said that a huge percentage of traditional roofs with storm damage get replaced prematurely.

“As long as it’s performing…you want to see that roof continue,” Schupmann said.

On this episode of Roof Talks, a Fortis Warranty podcast, Schupmann broke down why a full roof replacement is not the only option after a storm. Repair vs. replacement can mean a huge cost savings, and often times, Schupmann said, “we’re able to do a solution for a lot less than what they’re [insurance] claim was for.” How, exactly? Through the FRRA (Fortis Risk Roof Assessment), which analyzes roofs using lab testing and full building analysis to see whether a roof is eligible for a meticulous reconditioning process.

This allows the home-owner or business owner to spend that insurance money elsewhere in the building. Recovering from a storm is a very hectic time, and in the aftermath, a community will see a deluge of contractors come into the area to make a quick buck on a hungry construction market.

With demand high for materials, “it’s a very expensive time to do replacement,” Schupmann said. Insurance companies are overwhelmed, and homeowners are scrambling to find trustworthy local contractors. But Fortis roof repair “…not only saves the insurance companies some money, it protects building owners from large claims against their policy,” he said.

Full roof replacement can often place a business on hold, cutting into profits. Schupmann explained that business owners are looking for solutions to continue to run their business and find a long term solution without the high cost of a replacement. Be it a high-slope or low-slope roof, he makes the case for why Fortis has the repair to save a roof and get a business or home back in working order.

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