How Retailers Can Protect Their Roofing Investment.


With the many financial concerns big-box retailers face due to the pandemic, the last thing they want to do is spend money on roof repairs due to leaks or performance issues.

Cara Reynolds, Strategic Account Manager at Fortis Warranty, provided some tips for these retailers on saving money and protecting their roofing investment.

Roofing tends to be an out of sight, out of mind issue, Reynolds said.

“Roofing issues tend to build up, and then [retailers] have more roofs that need to be taken care of than they have dollars, and that can become a big issue for a lot of their locations,” she said.

And an issue such as a roof leak isn’t just a repair concern for retailers.

“When you have a roof leak or bad roof, there’s the risk of slip and falls in the stores, merchandise getting damaged, as well as the possibility of damaged or falling ceiling tiles,” Reynolds said. “Stores need to get it fixed fast.”

Fortis’ goal is to extend the roof life of retail stores for as long as possible. Their warranties include re-roofing, covering normal wear and tear and maintaining the roof, so stores don’t have to continually reach into their pockets to make fixes or face the cost of an untimely roof replacement.

“If there are any roofing issues once it’s under our warranty, it’s one call to Fortis, and we get out there and get it taken care of,” Reynolds said.

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