How to Get Your End of Year Roofing Projects Done at a Savings


On this episode of Fortis Warranty’s Roof Talks, Charles Schulz, senior strategic accounts manager at Fortis, spoke with host Tyler Kern about end of the year budgets, and that surprisingly, building managers may have additional allocation funds available to fund roofing projects.

Schulz discussed some of the issues concerned with fitting a roofing project in at the end of the year, and how Fortis can help meet those demands, within a building manager’s budget considerations. One of the ways Fortis can help is through reconditioning projects.

“They’re still far less disruptive and offer far less exposure to the client than a capital re-roofing job,” Schulz said.

To get these end-of-the-year projects scheduled and executed on time, Fortis uses a proprietary assessment application to streamline the process. They also use a well-defined reconditioning method to expedite the work to their subcontracted roofing crews.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of this process, Schulz shared a recent success story from a project in Northern Colorado, with a hail-damaged property. Fortis went in and probed the roofs of the damaged buildings and replaced areas that needed to be fixed without having to do a whole reroofing project.

Fortis’ approach is to work smarter, and they not only have the ability to help clients utilizing their year-end budgets, but they can also help client’s plan their budgets for the following year.

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