Roofing Industry Warranty Agreements: The Devil is in The Details

Rick Lewis, President & CEO of Fortis Warranty, gave host Tyler Kern an upfront and honest look at the state of roofing industry warranty agreements. Long-term warranty strategies seem to be the trend amongst industry competitors, according to Lewis. “At least in the commercial roofing space, we’re seeing warranties upward of 30 years,” Lewis said.

How Retailers Can Protect Their Roofing Investment.

With the many financial concerns big-box retailers face due to the pandemic, the last thing they want to do is spend money on roof repairs due to leaks or performance issues. Cara Reynolds, Strategic Account Manager at Fortis Warranty, provided some tips for these retailers on saving money and protecting their roofing investment. Roofing tends

How Solar Power Brings Benefits to Commercial Roofs

Solar power, particularly on the roofs of commercial buildings, is obviously a way to promote sustainability – but what other benefits and incentives exist for companies looking to make the switch? On this episode of Rook Talks, a Fortis Warranty podcast, New Columbia Solar CEO Mike Healy joined Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin to break

Roof Talks: Roofing Solutions for the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry

When a storm damages a business’s roof, does this automatically trigger a roof replacement? For the property owner, the cost of the roof protection policy and deductibles often mean replacing the entire roof is the only choice. Rick Lewis, president and CEO of Fortis Warranty, believes there are better, more cost-effective options available. Lewis said

Roof Talks: A Pandemic Isn’t the Time to Rush a Roof-Replacement Decision

It’s old-time wisdom that can be easy to forget in the uncertainty of a pandemic. The coronavirus outbreak has changed how everyone does business, but it has also allowed many business owners to take some time to think about what they need to do once it’s safe to get back to work. Perhaps a roof

The Ripple Effects of COVID-19 in the Roofing Industry

Like all industries, the roofing industry is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. To discuss the impacts of the disease on the industry, both immediate and lasting, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin was joined by SVP, Sales and Marketing for Fortis Warranty Dave Schupmann for this episode of Roof Talks, a Fortis Warranty podcast.

Roof Talks: A Company and Culture as Energizing and Exciting as the Industry Changing Solutions it Provides – Fortis Warranty

Fortis Warranty is now hiring key positions!  On this episode of the Roof Talks podcast, Rick Lewis, President and CEO of Fortis Warranty, and David Schupmann, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Fortis Warranty, sat down with host Sean Heath to discuss the type of personality that would thrive working with their disruptive

How to Get Your End of Year Roofing Projects Done at a Savings

On this episode of Fortis Warranty’s Roof Talks, Charles Schulz, senior strategic accounts manager at Fortis, spoke with host Tyler Kern about end of the year budgets, and that surprisingly, building managers may have additional allocation funds available to fund roofing projects. Schulz discussed some of the issues concerned with fitting a roofing project in

Roof Talks: Exploring Pros and Cons of Roof Asset Management Plans

On today’s episode of Roof Talks, a Fortis Warranty podcast, host Tyler Kern went in-depth with Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dave Schupmann to discuss roof asset management plans for commercial roofs; the good, the bad and the ugly. Before roof management plans came about, building owners often made decisions about the commercial roof

Roof Talks: In the Aftermath of a Storm, Roof Replacement isn’t Your Only Option

Be it a hurricane or hail gale, large storm systems can wreak havoc on roofs. In states where storms are an annual expectation, like Florida and Louisiana, yearly roof-replacement is simply not in the budget. But Dave Schupmann, senior vice president of sales & marketing at Fortis Warranty, said that a huge percentage of traditional