Founded in 2003 in Denver, Colorado, Fortis Warranty has a proven track record with its industry changing solutions. Through proprietary inspections and reconditioning protocols, and by applying scientific analysis of roofing materials to more precisely estimate their useful life, Fortis has been able to confidently write commercial roof warranties for more than 15 years. Fortis warranties were developed to combine financial certainty with guaranteed roof performance. Several industry studies have shown however that roughly 80% of commercial roofs are replaced prematurely. Fortis Warranty advocates for the customer and our EW solution focuses on extending the life of an existing roof, guaranteed. It was a big, disruptive idea in 2003. Today, it’s changing everything.

If your roof requires a replacement, or you’re just committed to a re-roof instead of reconditioning, the Fortis New Roof Warranty (NRW) provides a superior alternative to a traditional roof manufacturer’s warranty. It delivers a higher level of protection thanks to our comprehensive, no hassle performance guarantee.

Fortis Certified Contractors can install and fully guarantee a roof system engineered with materials from multiple manufacturers, saving 20% to 30% of the cost of a traditional manufacturer warranted system re-roof. In other words, you get the same thing for less with a better warranty!


Early in its history, Fortis Warranty partnered with key executives from FMI consulting as well as third-party financial and technical companies to challenge and verify its incredibly innovative solution. Though Fortis limited its early growth to fully prove its concepts, many Fortune 500 companies with Fortis Warranties quickly began to see that the traditional approach of replacing a roof just because the manufacturers’ warranty runs out, was outdated.

After years of proven results, Fortis formalized its board and made several key hires to help propel the company to the next level. The market responded. Increasing need for its unique and disruptive solution in a very traditional marketplace continues to drive the growth of Fortis Warranty. In late 2017, the company formally proved its process and solutions to satisfy demanding requirements and secure its backing from Lloyds of London.


Assembling the financial backing to both build a company at the next level as well as create security for its customers and guarantors, Fortis Warranty gained even more fuel to power its innovative approach. Technology used to develop roofing materials is better than ever and as a result, roofs are lasting longer than ever. The idea that maintaining an existing roof is riskier than replacing it is simply not the case. Many times it is based more on a traditional roofing entiity’s need to sell materials or labor hours than on customers’ need for a new roof.

Fortis Warranty provides the peace of mind customers need to take advantage of extending the life of their existing roof assets and if a new roof is necessary, proving a solution that costs far less and has a far superior warranty to traditional solutions. The future of Fortis is BIG—the company is expanding its reach nationally to take on the demands of larger building portfolios.