At Fortis, our goal is to help our customers and prospects continue to do business, even in these unprecendented times, without having to worry about upfront costs.

To that end, we’re offering a new initiative. With our 50/50 financing program, we’ll cover half of the upfront costs associated with roofing solutions, reducing your initial burden and keeping you moving forward.

We don’t want an inability to act on critical roofing plans to keep you stumbling for years to come. We’re about solutions, and that means being willing to go the extra mile to help you recondition and protect your roof today.

Our 50/50 financing program is backed by Lloyd’s of London, the same Fortis Standard and commitment to service as all of our initiatives, and the most comprehensive, least restrictive warranty in the industry. Don’t put your roofing plans on hold. Pay half now, and pay the rest down the road, when you’ve begun to reap the benefits of your partnership with us.

To learn more, download the full informational PDF by filling out the form on this page.

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