Helping Retail Succeed Post-COVID with the Right Roofing Solution

As the retail world begins to reopen and recover in the wake of the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many factors at play in determining post-COVID winners and losers.

One often-overlooked aspect, particularly for big-box retailers, is the shape of their roofing portfolio. Roofing projects can get lost in the shuffle and, when put off, can cause serious headaches that might have been avoided.

At Fortis, we’re committed to helping retailers make the best possible decision for their roofing portfolios and in ensuring that, through the least-restrictive and most-comprehensive warranties in the industry, we provide solutions that provide the peace of mind they need to enter the post-COVID landscape with confidence.

The Challenges Retailers Face in Taking Care of their Roofs

Cara Reynolds, Strategic Account Manager for Fortis, said there is a laundry list of issues that big-box retailers face when it comes to their roofing portfolio.

They often fall behind, particularly during times of crisis, and end up with far more roofs that need attention than dollars available. That’s a bad formula.

Further, big-box retailers can’t afford any shortcomings in their roofing portfolio. A leak may seem like “just a leak,” but if it leads to product damage or destruction, slip-and-fall incidents, and more, it can have a lasting and drastic impact.

Retailers want  their roof problems to go away quickly, efficiently and with long term guarantees – Fortis can help.

How Fortis Supports Big-Box Retailers in Maintaining Their Roofing Portfolios

Fortis’s primary goal is to extend the life of a  the roofs in a retailer’s portfolio, and our reconditioning solutions help us do just that.

Reconditioning can save 60-70% compared to the cost of traditional replacement, and it’s still backed by Fortis’s unmatched warranty protection and The Fortis Standard.  Our reconditioning is not a miracle in a bucket but rather high quality belt and suspenders solutions that are specific to each roof.

These dollars saved can be used to tackle other challenges, especially those brought to light in the wake of the pandemic, such as needing to hire additional staff, providing PPE for employees, and more.

Fortis makes warranty coverage simpler, and our claim-denial rate is less than 1%. Further, our warranties are backed by Lloyd’s of London, giving retailers even more peace of mind.

Fortis can also aid retailers when replacement is the only option, and our industry-first, comprehensive solutions backed by a performance guarantee and 24-hour response times highlight our interest in making sure retailers’ portfolios are maintained and serviced right the first time.

To learn more, contact Fortis today.  Have this link go to the Fortis video page.

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