Boosting REITs Profit and ROI with Fortis Warranty

When Investors pour their hard-earned money into Real Estate Investment Trusts, the goal is simple: To see a significant return on that Investment. There is a lot of complexity to REITs, but the concept is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Gaining an Edge in Commercial Property Transactions with Fortis

Demanding a significant investment of time, research, planning and, of course, money, buying or selling a commercial property can be complex, particularly when it comes to the roof. As one of the biggest-ticket items of a commercial building, roofs are extremely expensive, intrusive and time-consuming to replace, making them an often-debated element of a commercial

Interested In Solar Power On Your Building? It Begins With Your Roof

So, when you’re ready to make the jump to solar, DC-based New Columbia Solar is here to help! Our mission is to make “going solar” as easy as possible and will handle everything from start to finish from assessment, to engineering, to financing, to install, to power connections and system maintenance.

When Storms Strike, Turn to Fortis

In the wake of a destructive storm, it’s hard to know where to begin. Hail damage, wind damage, voided warranties, insurance claims – the list can feel endless. With so many things to accomplish, finding the right partners can be overwhelming, particularly when the phone’s ringing off the hook with opportunistic contractors. Fortunately, Fortis is

How the Fortis Standard Helps Us Serve You

At Fortis Warranty, we hold ourselves to an extremely high standard that makes us uniquely qualified to provide our customers with solutions that have industry-leading protection and value. There are several components to the Fortis Standard that demonstrate our unmatched longevity in the market, extraordinary strength and security, high level of quality and dependability, strong

How To Maximize Your 2021 Roofing Budget

Whether you own or manage one building or a portfolio of them, preparing budgets each year can be challenging. There are many factors to consider, and typically, items of immediate need take precedence when budgets are tight. As the single biggest replacement ticket item in any building’s financial blueprint, roofing in disrepair or in need

Fortis Easing Upfront Roofing Costs with 50/50 Financing Program

As the world eases into what’s likely to be a new normal and businesses begin to work toward business as usual, there will be a strain on employees, resources, budgets and more. In particular, fewer people will be available to manage on-site projects, less money will be on hand for capital expenses, and project timelines

Buying or Selling a Commercial Building: What’s the Roof Look Like?

Trying to buy or sell a commercial building is a challenge—buyers are looking for the best deal while sellers are aiming for the biggest profit. There are many factors to consider from both angles, but a major sticking point in building transactions is the roof. Without a warranty roofs are full of risk, are expensive

The Fortis Commercial Roof Warranty, Backed by Lloyd’s of London, Delivers a Better Solution for Extended Roof Life

The roof of your commercial building is an essential asset; it’s also an expensive one. You expect the quality to last and any issues to be remedied quickly. Unfortunately, when roof damage is found, a less scrupulous contractor may exaggerate the roof’s state in an attempt to persuade a building owner to splurge on a

Look Out for Your Roof and It Will Return the Favor

Look Out for Your Roof and It Will Look Out For Your Business Every roof is an expensive building asset and should be protected. However, by the time most people show concern for their roof, it’s too late. Protecting it before issues arise will significantly extend the life of your roof, save money, reduce the